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  • Buying a car with CARS24
  • About CARS24 cars
  • How to test drive with us?
  • Financing
  • After-sales warranty and car delivery

Buying a car with CARS24

Why should I buy a used car with CARS24?

What is the process of buying used cars online at CARS24?

About CARS24 cars

Where does CARS24 get their used cars from?

What are CARS24’s 150 standard inspection check points?

What defects or flaws are provided on the app and on the website?

Does CARS24 sell used cars that are still under finance from financial institutions?

What kind of car information does CARS24 provide?

Can I negotiate a price for my favorite car?

What conditions does the CARS24 warranty cover?

How to test drive with us?

Can I choose the location and the time for the test drive?

Can I cancel or change the date, time, and location of the test drive?

How many cars at a time can I book a test drive for? And is there any cost?


Do I have to pay a deposit to reserve the car I like?

Based on my occupation, what are the documents required for submitting a loan application?

What is the procedure for financing and applying for a loan with CARS24?

After-sales warranty and car delivery

Warranty claim

24 hour contact number

Blue Book Transfer

7 Days car return policy

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