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About Us

Founded in 2015, CARS24 is a leading e-commerce platform for pre-owned cars. Our motto is to
provide our customers with the highest quality and a joyous customer experience. Leading with strong
technology prowess, we have been able to disrupt the buying of pre-owned cars with an 100% online
buying experience and several benefits like financing, warranty, and doorstep delivery . We
will continue to innovate our product to provide the best experience for our buyers by allowing them to
choose from.

Our Mission

CARS24's mission is to revolutionize the way pre-owned cars are bought and sold in Thailand. We
endeavour to offer an efficient, reliable, and hassle-free experience for pre-owned cars.

Our Values

Values and ethics of a company define how organized and structured an
organization is. As a company, we have our own set of values that we
believe in and abide by


We don’t want our employees to be
managed, but we want them to take
control. At CARS24, we believe that a
great workplace is defined not by the
founders or top management but by
the number of ‘owners’ in the

Investing in Employees
and Partners

We don’t want to raise capital, but to
raise our people and partners. At
CARS24 we don’t think of our success in
just profitability and IPO but in making
our employees & partners super
successful in life. We believe in the
maxim, ‘Give a man a fish and you feed
him for a day; teach a man to fish and
you feed him for a lifetime

High Standards and
High Results

We don’t settle for less, instead, we
focus on more. At CARS24, we don’t
gloat on what has been achieved but
focus on doing them even better.


We won’t let exceptional performance
go unrewarded; our aspirations are
bigger than they appear at CARS24, we
don’t think of meritocracy as a ‘cut-
throat’ phenomenon’; that there is only
a ‘fixed’ number of opportunities but,
we believe that larger the number of
talented people, the more we can
dream and accomplish in all regards.


We won’t get successful until there is a
strong and deep trust with each and
every stakeholder. At CARS24, we don’t
think we do everything today to say we
are extremely trustworthy but, we are
aware this is a key tenet of what we do,
and we work hard with committed
goals and timelines to ensure we are


We don’t try to be penny wise, pound
foolish but, we won’t spend when it
doesn’t ‘add value'. At CARS24, we
believe that a great workplace is not
the ones with the fanciest offices,
biggest parties, and free food, but the
one that makes real & healthy profits
as first priority over everything else.

Long Term

In our minds, we are clear that doing
the best work of our lives will be a very
long journey. At CARS24, we believe that
we will succeed not just by achieving
quarterly and yearly milestones but,
knowing that those milestones were
achieved without zero compromises on
our long-term plan.

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