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Getting a car loan with CARS24 is easier  than you think!

Low interest, easy installment

Great deals and special promotions, including a lower interest rate starting at only 2.79% per year, and up to 84 month terms

Fast results, approval in just 3 days

Get a quick turnaround in 3 working days after submitting all required documents for bank approvals and owning your dream car!

ONE stop, multiple financing sources

Cars24 in collaboration with 6 leading Thai financial institutions allows you to choose the best deal

JUST 3 STEPS to own your car

  • Choose your dream car and Book test drive to
    meet our sales experts
  • Submit required documents and our team will find
    best deals from partners
  • Once approved, complete transaction and be the
    owner of your dream car!

Let's calculate a shopping budget that works for you

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